Why This UK VC Firm Launched an Accelerator in Uzbekistan

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The accelerator’s venture approach combines incubator and venture studio characteristics specifically designed for emerging markets. In most larger markets, thousands of startups would typically apply to join an incubation program.

We made the Path,

but You need to follow it

  • Onboarding: In the first month of class, we put you on a team of ~50% hackers (coders) and ~50% hustlers (biz dev.) This is so teams are balanced, with the skills to make and sell a product. No startup survives without customers!
  • Class: The class is held once a week, for 90 min. Oftentimes, we will have guest speakers of people from the startup community. Network with them!
  • Coaching: Once a week, you will be assigned to a startup expert to coach you and help you with strategy. They will give you a group task every week, grade your performance, and assist with resources. The time of these experts is valuable – be prepared and do not waste it!
What Do You Get?
Co-working Space: Free access to public co-working at C-space and Impact.t

ISIC Card: Discounts on food, travel, clothing, and many other benefits. Hosting (Fido): Free hosting to launch your product and app.

Hosting (Fido): Free hosting to launch your product and app.
AI Access: Access to OpenAI and Gemini from Google to add AI functionality to your product.

Google Play/Apple Store Dev Account: For teams building apps, use of Swift Launch’s Google Play and Apple store account to publish your product.

Ucode: Low/No-code back-end from Udev to quickly build a scalable back end.

Whatever else you need: If your team runs into a block and needs something, talk to your business coach. Swift Launch will cover the necessary costs to build, test, and grow your idea. (Example, Twillo. Google Colab and online ads.)

Coaching is done once a week online with a startup expert. These experts have real-life experience in startups and are drawn from an international pool of successful startups, investors, and strategy consultants from top international companies. Remember that to our international experts, you may be their first impression of startups from Uzbekistan. Represent Uzbekistan well.

(Coaches: Stephen Lin, Jim Huang, Rajarshi Chakraborty, Matthew Ansell, Davron Djurabaev, Ravshanbek Rozukulov)
Advisors Board

Swift Launch gives you access to expert advisors for help on your journey.
While your team creates your product, you may run into technical coding problems. When this happens, submit an advice request for assistance. While Tech advisors will not do your work for you, they will help you get unblocked and on your way to an awesome product

(Technical Advisors: Abdullo Hidoyatov, Javokhir Jurakhonov, Khurshid Juraev, Adkham Zokhirov, Azizbek Bakhodirov and others)

(Marketing Advisors: Enos Koh, Jeshua Chong - Mindshare)
Media Board

Publicizing your team!
Swift Launch has a Social Media team that will help publicize your startup with custom videos. In addition, Swift Launch partners with Daryo (SiliconSteppes) and Realsoft (RS Podcast) to draw media attention to our top teams.
Class Training
  • Curriculum: The Swift Launch Training Program is an adapted version of lean entrepreneurship, first researched at UC Berkeley and Stanford. The goal of the class is to teach you an entrepreneurial mindset and give you the practical tools to think strategically – in other words, to be your own coach.
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