A new kind of
incubator designed for Uzbekistan
Our program is designed to create new entrepreneurs, from pre-team stages to early VC seed funding, creating a thriving entrepreneurial landscape.

Our goal: create new teams worth $500k within 8 months.
Join the Startup Ecosystem
New Entrepreneurs: Experience Swift Launch!
We give you a Team, an Idea, and a Customer:
• One Evening training a week, one Coaching session a week with a venture capitalist
• Two Semesters long (8 months)
• Taught by an experienced entrepreneur from California (UC Berkeley with a Los Angeles MBA (University of Southern California)
Come to learn, leave as a Founder!
• Free seed funding of up to $1,000
• Top teams eligible to represent Uzbekistan overseas
• Teams with coders, deal-makers, and designers
• Participants share ownership in new companies
Join the Startup Ecosystem
• Weekly casual meetups with local entrepreneurs (free pizza!)
• Monthly speakers from companies like Meta, Google, and Tinder
Already a startup with a team and product? Join us too!
Networking and Community
How does it work?
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During the 8-month program, you'll learn the essentials of entrepreneurship. Our program is practical: building your business model, online marketing, and IT product development.
At the end of the program, we expect top teams to make over $3-5k a month - a valuation of $500k!

Top Swifter entrepreneurs are given ownership shares of a new company to keep growing.
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Regular tuition to Swift Launch is $140/semester
After Swift Launch
If the startup you make in class makes enough to pay you a basic salary, are you willing to work on the startup full-time after graduating from class?
Turning Dreams Into Reality
Entrepreneurship Training
  • Practical skills
  • Business model development
  • Pitching, fundraising
  • Building a prototype
Our Curriculum
  • Business Model Strategy: Craft a robust plan to ensure your startup's sustainability and growth.
  • Online Marketing: Master the art of reaching your target audience in the digital landscape.
  • Pitching and Fundraising: Perfect the art of presenting your idea to potential investors and securing funds.
  • Networking and Communication: Build vital connections and communicate effectively within the entrepreneurial ecosystem.
Unleash Your Startup Potential with Swift Launch
At Swift Launch, we're redefining the startup accelerator experience for Uzbek students
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At Swift Launch, we're not just another startup accelerator. We're your partners in making of future unicorns.